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"Getting solar was the best move I've ever done.  This is my true-up month, and while running electric heaters to
save on my gas bill and not to mention all my Christmas lights, I should still end up with a zero electric bill for the
entire year.  Merry Christmas PG&E !
- Chris & Chrissy S., Rocklin, CA (6.0 kW AC system installed in 2009)

"I love my solar.  It’s such a thrill to get a PG&E bill with a negative amount for electricity use!  Not counting the
mandatory fees ($7 something a month), I haven’t paid over $100 for an entire year since installing my solar.  The
difference is helping to make the payments on the installation and I get to feel smug about using renewable
- Jill H., Auburn, CA (4.0 kW AC system installed in 2007)

"I was a very skeptical participant when my husband recommended we get a solar system for our home. I've
become jaded over the years dealing with various contractors for home remodeling and repairs, hearing all of their
promises which not only fall short, but leave me standing there to (literally) clean up their mess or hire another
contractor to correct their inadequate results. Apex Solar has since made my "short list" of companies I will happily
recommend and use on my next home. David is a friendly, no-pressure kind of person. I never even knew he was
working on my house. Quiet, clean, punctual, complete. It was a nice surprise to find our electric bill to be even
LOWER than he anticipated. I will always recommend Apex Solar."
- Lisa F., El Dorado Hills, CA (4.0 kW AC system installed in 2007)

"To say that I am a picky customer would be an understatement:  I am an engineer who has been the contractor for
multiple construction projects, and worked through college as an electrician.  

As I began my due diligence on solar, I was impressed with David and Apex Solar for several reasons.  First and
foremost, David is not ‘the sales guy’- he does the design and the install, he knows the specs, performance, & the
technology.  No, “I’ll have to get back to you:, no, “we have people to do that”.  He can and did answer every question
I had, from technical specs to the in’s and out’s of PG&E rebates.   The other aspect was that he installed
SunPower panels, which I feel are the highest quality and most efficient panels currently on the market.  As the
process moved forward, I was very impressed with Davids’ solutions to the installation issues that arise when
fitting new parts onto an existing house.  Very clean design, very straightforward customer service.

Finally, the performance of our panels has exceeded our expectations.  I won’t bore you with numbers, but the ability
to generate power year round even in marginal sun days has been impressive.   We’ve gone for a ‘worst case’
monthly bill of $800-$1000 in the peak of hot summer to only $100-$300. (We have a 4000+ sq ft home, pump well
water from 300 feet down for irrigation, and maintain a swimming pool, and run a 5 horse stable.)  

When we decided to buy the system, the ‘years to payback’ was not a major factor for us- but clearly it will be shorter
than we’d calculated! (and that isn’t factoring in what will happen here in California with energy costs over the next 5-
8 years.)

I’d wholeheartedly recommend David and Apex Solar."
- Engineer & Business Owner, El Dorado County, CA (7.0 kW AC system installed in 2008)

"We love our solar system and especially Apex Solar!

Your personal attention to every detail gave us tremendous confidence in our installation.  At no point, from the time
you came out to give us a quote, to the point the permit was completed with Placer County was there any wasted
effort or gap in communication.  In fact, I remember that YOU had to teach the County inspector how to inspect
these systems, as they were fairly new at the time.

We've had our system in operation for over 3 years and really enjoy having our electric bills in the double digits,
whereas before we could pay $300 to 600 a month for electricity alone.  We've never had a problem with any part of
our system since you completed our installation.

I'd recommend Apex Solar to anyone looking to install solar power on their house.  We'd call you again in a
heartbeat if needed another solar installation."
- Jeff & Liza J., Granite Bay, CA (3.0 kW AC system installed in 2007)

“Dave Janas and his Apex Solar team did an outstanding job installing a solar system on our home. From initial
discussions with Dave to full installation/turn key operation took about 2 weeks. The system has operated
flawlessly since it was installed. We get great joy seeing the PG&E meter running backwards!”
- Dick P., Granite Bay, CA (10.0 kW AC system installed in 2010)

"Two years ago we selected Apex Solar to install a 4kWh rooftop PV system. We were impressed with David Janas’
in-depth understanding of all aspects of solar systems, including principles of electricity, code requirements and
the ability to liaise effectively with PG&E. David also assured us that he and his team would be able to work safely
with our “Spanish” style curved tile roof.

Our confidence was well placed, and we were very satisfied with the entire installation process. In addition to
bringing a high degree of competence to the job Apex was punctual, considerate and tidy.

Our first two years of solar production have gone very smoothly, and we have been able significantly to reduce our
monthly electric bills. We are so pleased that we are considering increasing our capacity by 50%—a task made
simpler since David had the foresight to pre-wire some of the conduit for possible expansion.

We highly recommend Apex and feel they live up to their name!"
-Jim & Mary, El Dorado Hills, CA (4.0 kW AC system installed in 2008)

"To anyone considering Apex Solar I endorse them 100%.  They made it painless and they walked us through every
step so that we understood exactly what was best for our situation.  They were quick to answer any questions
before, during and after installation.  We had talked to several other solar companies and none compared to Apex
- Bill & Gretchen M., El Dorado Hills, CA (10.0 kW AC system installed in 2008)

"Apex Solar is the type of company that approaches their job with complete professionalism.  When I needed to put
in a solar array at my vineyard, I had a series of issues with design and placement.  Apex swiftly helped to solve
these issues and to perform a top notch installation.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to go solar
at their business location or at home."
- Jim C., Placerville, CA (5.0 kW AC system installed in 2008)

"After remodeling my home in 2005 and adding several sq. ft., my power bill was way out of whack. I have two well
pumps, 2 teenagers, a pool, and all the stuff that goes with it.  After a couple years of doing what I could to cut down
the power, we were still far from being energy/environmentally correct. I contacted Dave, he had me gather one year
of power bills and submit them.  A few days later he came by and we went over the data and diagrams showing the
benefit of a solar system.  I wanted the system for the savings on my power bill but more importantly the saving of
energy. I was able to get assistance from the state and financed the rest.  My loan payment and current power bill
combined are 35% of my old power bills.  I get my PG&E bill, look at the amount owed each month and just smile....
I think Dave said at our meeting "This one is a no brainer"  Thanks Dave..."
- John T.,  Lotus, Ca (7.0 kW AC system installed in 2008)

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you did with the entire solar process at my house. Not only did
you end up getting me a great system for my house, but you did it helping me along the way with competitive
pricing, making the process easy, and keeping me well informed. Right from our first consultation I was impressed
because you seemed to bring a higher level of scientific experience and preparation than the other companies I
had dealt with. I felt confident it was going to be done right and along the way that was proven to be true.
- Anthony S., El Dorado Hills, CA (6.4 kW AC system installed in 2010)

"We just want to take a moment to thank you and your crew for a clean and professional job. Not only does the
system look good but it is doing a great job producing electricity. We are very pleased with our choice to go solar
and choosing Apex Solar to install our system. We thank you for providing a quality system. We will definitely advise
others to go solar with Apex."
- Bob & Pat F., Auburn, CA (6.0 kW AC system installed in 2010)

"We are delighted with the savings from our solar system and the installation was very professional.  We enjoy
showing it to our friends and neighbors."
- Kris & John J., Granite Bay, CA (21.0 kW AC system installed in 2009)

"My monthly electricity bill was more than $1000 in the Summer. Now it is less than $100 per month.  We received
great service from Apex Solar".
- Physicians, El Dorado Hills, CA (10.0 kW AC system installed in 2009)
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