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Utility Rebates
For the State of California, the new California State Incentive (CSI) program began in
January 2007.  The CSI rebates are available to both Residential and Commercial
Customers of PG&E, SDREO, and SCE.  Other Utilities, such as SMUD, do not have
access to CSI rebates, but they may have their own Solar funding.  To find out more
about your particular area, please feel free to access the Database of State Incentives
for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) or the Go Solar California site:
  • DSIRE:  Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy
  • Go Solar California:  One-stop shop for California Rebates & Incentives

As of 2013, the CSI rebate for PG&E has run out of funds.

30% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
Starting in 2009, the 30% Federal Tax Credit was extended and the $2,000 residential
cap lifted!  Also, for those paying Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), you are now allowed to
apply the 30% Federal Tax Credit against your AMT liability.  Please work with your tax
accountant to maximize your benefits from the Federal Tax Credit. The 30% Federal Tax
credit is set to expire on 12/31/1

Financing the Balance
Apex Solar has relationships with several leading lending institutions and can help you
evaluate the best financial solution to meet your needs.  
Contact us to discuss some of
the options:

    For Residential Systems:
  • Cash
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
  • Home Refinancing or New Home Mortgage
  • Solar Loan (Unsecured)
  • Solar Lease
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